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The Vision Accelerator Program

Bring better products with vision to market, faster

The Vision Accelerator Program helps companies quickly understand and navigate the technical and business complexity of incorporating visual perception capabilities so they can more quickly and confidently plan, develop and deliver their products. It is a service available only to members of the Embedded Vision Alliance, and targets those members who are developing end products and systems with visual perception capabilities.

The Vision Accelerator Program helps companies:

  • Make decisions in a fast-changing market where areas like deep learning and 3D sensing are rapidly moving from research into practical use
  • Understand the tradeoffs for low-power, low-cost devices and cloud processing
  • Know what vision software standards, open source tools and algorithms are gaining traction
  • Identify which startups, suppliers, partners and experts have relevant vision technologies and know-how
  • Build skills and recruit the right talent
  • Access and develop a network of experts, suppliers and partners

 The Vision Accelerator Program consists of four components:

  • Confidential Vision Accelerator sessions based on an assessment of an organization’s vision-related needs
  • Online workshops tailored to growth product team’s knowledge of available options
  • Free and discounted access to the Embedded Vision Alliance educational events
  • Membership in the Embedded Vision Alliance, including access to educational and networking resources

The Program is available in two versions:

  • For product teams with a specific need or objective who need to be able to more quickly and confidently plan, develop and deliver products
  • For innovation centers tasked with early prototyping, research integration, spearheading technology initiatives, as well as building skills and insuring rapid knowledge transfer into multiple development teams

For more information on the Vision Accelerator Program, please email