Embedded Vision Alliance: face recognition

Face Recognition: Learn About GPU Acceleration

Professor Brian Lovell of the University of Queensland, Australia, who's also Chief Technical Officer at Imagus Technology, is a well-known figure in the fields of fields of computer vision and pattern recognition. Lovell is also a long-time advisor to (and advocate of) the Embedded Vision Alliance.

From Lipstick to Security: Facial Recognition Without High-Resolution Complexity

Speaking of face-related embedded vision topics...a month back, I told you how smartphone-based software was being used to make makeup suggestions.

Info On Android v4: Google Gives Us More

Per last Wednesday's writeup on Google's unveiling of "Ice Cream Sandwich" Android 4, which embeds both facial detection and recognition facilities, I've subsequently come across some additional details which I thought would be of interest to you:

Embedded Vision And Android 4: More Features Galore