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Reference Designs

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Development boards and production-ready designs

This section primarily discusses hardware design (and supporting software), though the EVA analysis could include software-only reference designs.  The definition also includes development boards for which a vendor provides design information to allow customers the ability to customize the design and ship in their own products. In many cases, a component supplier will provide reference designs for very low cost, since the shared goal is to get customers into production as quickly as possible.


Customized for specific applications

For a high-volume application, component vendors (or companies in partnership with these vendors) will provide a greater amount of the "whole product" mix of software and hardware design for a production-ready product.  This support could include circuit board design, software drivers and even optimized applications.  In some cases, component suppliers work with a technical services/distribution company like Avet Electronics Marketing to provide reference designs.  An example is Avnet's Digital Video Surveillance kit that offers a royalty free design for the Blackfin processor  from Analog Devices.

One of the early technology providers for embedded vision has been Texas Instruments, and they have several different reference designs for applications ranging from mobile devices to smart cameras.  An example is the complete reference design for an HD video surveillance camera based on the DM812x DaVinci™ video processor.


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