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By far the most performance-intense functionality in the neural network are the convolutions themselves.

Computer vision processors are naturally evolving towards complex architectures that include dedicated, specialized hardware blocks.

This research note from Oliver Philippou of IHS comments on storage options for body-worn cameras used in law enforcement.

Computer vision and computational photography are intrinsic aspects of the Internet of Things (IoT).

KAF-16200 brings high resolution and low noise to demanding applied imaging applications.

Innovations include global WAN file transfer speeds up to 100Gbps, auto scaling, ultra-high-speed global file sharing, and data ingest.

Companies team to develop open acceleration infrastructure, software and middleware to address emerging data center workloads.

This research note from IHS Principal Analyst Blake Kozak comments on security devices in the smart home and how demand is changing.

Xilinx and its ecosystem will highlight how Xilinx All Programmable technologies are uniquely suited to handle data center applications.

Altera's SDK for OpenCL, combined with its FPGAs and SoCs, can help designers achieve high-performance, power-efficient system acceleration.