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Technical Articles

This article and a to-be-published follow-up introduce OpenCL programming for the PowerVR Rogue architecture.

Application processors have become increasingly heterogeneous over time, integrating multiple components into a single System-on-Chip (SoC).

To help you navigate through the jargon of heterogeneous compute, Imagination Technologies provides this short technical vocabulary guide.

Middleware libraries together with SDAccel enable software developers to program DNNs in their native C/C++ environment.


The OpenCL framework enables the development of programs that execute across programmable logic fabric and other heterogeneous processors.


The field of automotive ADAS solutions is growing rapidly. To help you navigate the many acronyms in use, here’s a helpful definition list.

Papers at this year’s Embedded Vision Summit suggested the vast range of ways that embedded systems can employ focused light as an input.


Image Sensor Auto Conference attendance grew 50%, proof that cameras are a key component in making vehicles safer and ultimately autonomous.

Advanced driver assistance systems automate, adapt, or enhance automotive vehicles to increase safety and enhance the driving experience.

Cameras installed around a vehicle exterior, along with cost-effective, powerful and energy-efficient processors, deliver numerous benefits.