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Technical Articles

If your realtime image processing applications are dependent on OpenCV, you need to develop an OpenCV build environment on the target board.

Vision will create value both for technology suppliers and the implementers who leverage the technology in their applications.

How one non-profit is helping the poorest by enabling cutting edge image search and self-driving cars.

Advanced memory technologies such as Mentor Graphics' coolSRAM-1T are valuable in embedded vision designs.


VR systems are incorporating practical computer vision techniques both to improve the user experience and reduce system cost.


Drones are a rapidly growing market for both consumer and commercial applications, and they increasingly leverage embedded vision technology


Real time inputs are categorized based on the pretrained classification model, in deciding whether the object is present or not.

FPGAs provide massively parallel architectures, efficient DSP resources, and large amounts of on-chip memory and bandwidth.

Deep learning has been enabled by, among other things, the steadily increasing processing "muscle" of CPUs aided by co-processors.


What was a buzz a couple years ago is now a roar. The beat of vision-based acquisitions is increasing and investment dollars are pouring in.