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Press Releases

The session outlined the business opportunity, headlined Intel’s end-to-end technology assets and nodded to its investment strategy.

Krzanich articulated Intel's vision for the future of technology spanning virtual reality, autonomous driving, and the industrial Internet.

The goal of RealSense technology is to enable intelligent, interactive and autonomous machines with human-like 3D perception.

Intel Joule is a maker board with an Intel RealSense depth-sensing camera targeted at IoT developers, entrepreneurs, and enterprises.

Project Alloy is an all-in-one virtual reality solution made from the ground up.

Intel is focused on creating innovative new technologies and leading with key vision capabilities in the UAV (drone) product segment.

Next-generation Novatek SoCs deploy CEVA’s vision processor for intelligent surveillance, drone anti-collision systems and automotive safety

4th generation imaging and vision DSP adds low-power image enhancement and computer vision capabilities to Rockchip’s SoC product lines.

New 8-megapixel device is first with improved near-infrared sensitivity for machine vision and other applications.

Automotive, technology and computer vision and machine learning industry leaders collaborate to develop solutions for automated driving.