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Press Releases

New solutions deliver higher resolution, multiple interfaces and new features for 1080p and 720p automotive rear and surround view cameras.

Technology partnership will lead to secure home security and control systems based on understanding human behavior in real-time.

Enables development today with production silicon performance and complete tools and IP support.

New release includes expanded library, board, and design services ecosystem support, enabling embedded C/C++ application development.

The ported and optimized OpenCV suite will make it easier for designers to accelerate compute-intensive vision processing applications.

Rapidly growing membership reflects the importance of computer vision.

New releases of DIGITS, cuDNN to deliver 2x faster neural network training; cuDNN to enable more sophisticated models.

New 1/3" 1 Mpixel CMOS image sensor delivers significant improvements in low light SNR, visible light sensitivity and infrared performance.

Delivers 5X system level performance/watt and connectivity with the security and safety required for flexible, standards-based platforms.

Innovations deliver 2X performance, 5.5 million LEs, heterogeneous 3D SiP integration, and comprehensive security capabilities.