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In-depth information about the embedded vision market, applications, technologies, products, and trends.

The content in this section of the website comes from Embedded Vision Alliance™ members and other industry luminaries. The Overview shows all of the content, sorted by date. Other tabs sort the material by type. If you'd like to contribute an original, in-depth article to the Alliance, propose your content in this section of the forum.

Company shows its world-leading facial recognition software at the Embedded Vision Summit May 2-4, 2016 in Santa Clara, CA.

The Summit is the leading event for innovators who want to bring visual intelligence into products through deployable computer vision.

New tools to bring powerful real-time neural network applications to devices in 2016.

On-phone image processing is a recent phenomenon, enabled by modern devices' increasingly robust hardware, software and networks.

This chapter describes describes some general concepts to consider when optimizing kernels.


The Embedded Vision Alliance's April 26, 2016 email newsletter edition covers a diversity of embedded vision technology and product topics.


Optimized specifically for ARM platform, ACV provides rapid acceleration of OpenCV based products with minimal impacts on existing code base

Autonomous driving is now being directly addressed by every major automobile manufacturer, Tier 1 and a number of new entrants in the field.

Allied Vision exhibits low-cost, infrared and thermal imaging cameras at SEMICON SE Asia 2016 in Penang, Malaysia from 26-28 April 2016.

This chapter describes describes some useful optimization methods, the logic for them, and the results they provide on the test platform.