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Eye-Catching Embedded Vision Clips

At the beginning of their presentations at quarterly Embedded Vision Alliance Member Meetings (as well as during Embedded Vision Summits), Jeff Bier and Brian Dipert sometimes share with the membership videos published in the prior three months of compelling embedded vision examples. We hope that the case studies that follow will both entertain and inspire you, and that you'll regularly revisit this page as new material is added. For more, monitor the News page, where you'll frequently find video content embedded within the daily writeups, and the Video Interviews & Demos page.

September 2011 Member Meeting

Foresight Sports Golf Launch Monitor

Mercedes-Benz Driver Assist System (30-second preview video)


Microsoft Avatar Kinect



December 2011 Member Meeting

Microsoft’s Kinect Effect

Philips Vital Signs Monitor App For iPad

Augmented Reality Legos

Pantech Gesture-Augmented Smartphones


March 2012 Member Meeting

Google Android Face Recognition

Tobii Eye-Tracking Driver Alert System

Plan UK Digital Signage

iOnRoad Driver Assistance System

July 2012 Member Meeting

Vision-Enhanced Advertising

Audi Augmented Reality and Gesture Interface


Mercedes-Benz Advanced Driver Assistance


October 2013 Member Meeting and Summit

Audi Augmented Reality

IKEA Augmented Reality


Mercedes-Benz Active Suspension

Mercedes-Benz Driver Assist System (full version of video)

Subaru EyeSight ADAS System

March 2014 Member Meeting

Amscreen Facial Analysis Technology

Google's Project Tango